Why am I writing here?

I mean, no one’s going to want to read this right? And I have a (woefully infrequently updated) blog for the “useful” stuff I come up with over at doitdifferent.wordpress.com.  Well,  people ask me about things. Normally technology. Not always. And as I type a reply – ‘cos I’m helpful like that – sometimes I think “someone else is going to ask me the same thing”. So this is a place to type those replies, so I can share them. Or others can share them.

I also sometimes just want to write my thoughts on something, so I can proactively share them with others. This is a place for that too.

I firmly believe you get better at things with practice too. So by writing here, I can get better at writing. Hopefully you enjoy the tone. It’s basically a window into my head – I type in trains of thought.

Finally, you can thank Michael.  As many do, he asked for some of my thoughts. So he can have them, but he’ll have to share with everyone. I have plenty go round.

What, no comments?

Nope. Tweet me @the_accidental  if you want to comment on something. If you want to reply more publicly, or at length, write a blog post, let me know. Now you’re writing and thinking too, awesome isn’t it?