What do I do?

Beyond the rather glib answer of “make space robots smarter (and some on earth too)” I thought it would be handy to have somewhere to point people. Of course you can look at my published research, but there have also been many publicly published articles, videos and talks featuring me and work that I’ve done – this is somewhere to collect them. To be honest, this is as much for my future reference as anyone else’s. Mostly space stuff at the moment, as it seems to make the best PR – though it’s not all I’ve done of late.


The Atacama Desert
The Atacama Desert, photo courtesy Mark Woods.

Of course there’s plenty work I’ve done lately that’s not currently public, I’m not going to post that here – just collect what’s already out there, to give a flavour.

Of course it’s not all Mars rover R&D and drones in the Atacama, but I have been involved in a couple of field trials, a few links:

  • The SCISYS blog on the Chameleon field trial – looking at adaptive sensing for rover navigation amongst other things.
  • As well as the papers, there’re slides for a talk I gave too.
  • The SAFER trial was focused on remote science operations.
  • There’s an informal blog on it…
  • …and there were many media articles, look closely and you’ll spot me, or some of my photographs:

Perhaps now’s time for a video to break this up, from one of the above links:

As I said, it’s not all robots in the desert – though that obviously makes for the most media-friendly posts. I’ve also done significant work applying cutting edge machine learning and vision techniques to the space domain in a project called MASTER. Papers as ever, but for a quicker read, some slides from a talk at ASTRA.

Of course, it’s not all the glamour of space and my photographs in national publications such as the Guardian – I’ve ended up in the Bristol Post a few times too:

Fame at last?
Fame at last?