What do I do now?

I realised recently people might be coming here, looking for a bit more info on what I do. It’s no longer space robots, it’s guys like these (and bigger/smaller):


I’m the CTO of Rovco, a subsea technology and ROV services company. The company provides ROV services, primarily for inspection in the renewables sector – but we’re also pushing the envelope technologically, and that’s my purview. Where others provide SD video footage, we create astonishing 3D models. Currently post-processed, but I’m leading the development to live 3D, AI data analysis and other related work. I’ve moved from making smarter space robots, to smarter subsea robots.

It’s not all creating cool new camera tech, and applying cutting edge AI ¬†though. As CTO I also build and manage the team developing the tech, secure grant funding and investment, along with our CEO.