What do I do now?

I realised recently people might be coming here, looking for a bit more info on what I do. It’s no longer space robots, it’s guys like these (and bigger/smaller):


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What do I do?

Beyond the rather glib answer of “make space robots smarter (and some on earth too)” I thought it would be handy to have somewhere to point people. Of course you can look at my published research, but there have also been many publicly published articles, videos and talks featuring me and work that I’ve done – this is somewhere to collect them. To be honest, this is as much for my future reference as anyone else’s. Mostly space stuff at the moment, as it seems to make the best PR – though it’s not all I’ve done of late.


The Atacama Desert
The Atacama Desert, photo courtesy Mark Woods.

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A post-laptop laptop?

So I’m considering a new computer. I’ve had my current laptop the longest of any computer ever (A 2011 i7 13″ Macbook Pro) and partly just fancy some new gadgetry, but also would like something with faster disk (so a bigger SSD) and a “retina” display. Also my personal computing needs have changed since I bought it, maybe a different device is a better fit? It’s still a good laptop, but what’s next?

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Steambox Experience

Recently I built a cheap gaming PC for the living room, to run Steam. I’ve written about the hardware, but what’s it like to use? Is it any good? Was this a good choice over a console? I’ll cover some of my thoughts in general, and then the good and bad points. I’ll finish up with a few comments on what I’ve been playing.

steambox booting

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Or as I think of it in my head, “the Steambone”.


Why? What’s this post about? Well, with the recent release of next gen consoles such as the  Xbox One and PS4 I thought about replacing my long in the tooth 360 with an Xbox One (aka “Xbone”). But then SteamOS has been getting a lot of press, and I wondered:

Can I build a decent living room gaming PC for the price of an Xbone?

And thus, I set out to create my Steambone. I’ve split the write-up in two, this post is about the build, the next post is about the experience.

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This is not a review. I’m sure the internet has plenty of them. This is my thoughts on Pebble, prompted by @MichaelXHell.  I’ve had my Pebble a week and a half now, so I might update this, or revisit the topic. But some thoughts for now, and some ideas…

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Why am I writing here?

I mean, no one’s going to want to read this right? And I have a (woefully infrequently updated) blog for the “useful” stuff I come up with over at doitdifferent.wordpress.com.  Well,  people ask me about things. Normally technology. Not always. And as I type a reply – ‘cos I’m helpful like that – sometimes I think “someone else is going to ask me the same thing”. So this is a place to type those replies, so I can share them. Or others can share them.

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Thinking out loud…